Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Montreal Simon gets my vote, baby!

Sadly, I didn't make the final five in the Best GLBT Blog category in the Canadian Blog Awards this year. I want to congratulate the five finalists, particularly Montreal Simon, Slapped Upside the Head and Gay Persons of Color all of whom were nominated with me last year. Moved to Vancouver looks interesting, I must say. I'll have to read it more often. I'm not a fan of GayandRight, who seems more interested in demonizing Islam than promoting greater understanding of queer issues. Perhaps he's just been trying to appear as non-threatening as possible to his fellow hetero conservatives, hoping that shared hatred of the "other" will make his own otherness less threatening to them? I dunno. His latest post today: denying climate change and the connection between the rising amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and rising temperatures. Ugh. Can I nickname him GayandWrong? He's the kind of conservative who reminds us why the Coalition for Change is gaining momentum in this country.

It's been a great year of blogging for me and I look forward to more. And since I'm not in the final five, that makes my vote quite easy: Montreal Simon all the way, baby!

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Simon said...

Gosh Matt how could you? I'm so embarrassed I'm blushing. Really. That's the first time I've seen my name in headlines since I was...um...detained by the authorities and sent to the Gay Wing of the local reformatory. So as you can imagine it brings back a flood of fond memories.
Seriously though thanks a lot I appreciate it. I was going to put in a good word for our brother Mark at Slap Upside the Head...who I think really deserves it. But then I thought WTF he can DRAW, he's got talent. He's on Facebook too eh? It's me who needs all the help I can get. I'm still recovering from the disappointment of being edged out by Yarn Harlot. Again. I can guarantee you that by this time next year I'm going to be able to draw AND knit.
So please people follow Matt's advice and vote for me. I might not have as much talent as others but I'm far more DESPERATE.
Thanks again brother... :)