Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why does ALL political, terrorist violence come from the right?

I'm overwhelmed with anger and frustration by the evils that continue to be perpetrated by right wing fanatics in this world. Innocent Labour party kids die in Norway because some right wing fanatic hates openness and his country's approach to multiculturalism?

It's time for conservatives to explain why ALL political, terrorist violence nowadays comes from the right side of the spectrum, be it Islamic or Christian or just plain fascist!

There's something inherently evil lurking in the hearts of far right conservatives, including an impulse to turn to violence and force to get their way when democratic means don't work. George W. Bush opted to go to war and kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people when he had other options (but the profits to be made from war by those around his cabinet table proved too tempting to resist). Anders Behring Breivik didn't have that kind of power, but he did have his rifle and a lot of material for making a bomb. It's telling the gunman in Norway disguised himself as a police officer to conduct his murderous crimes on that island.

How many more times are we going to see some right wing nutbar take his unregistered rifle and murder innocent civilians before we on the left start fighting back? When is some left wing fanatic going to take a rifle and go on a shooting spree at Goldman Sachs in New York and kill the people who truly are dangerous threats to the world's economic security (and responsible for the 2008 worldwide, economic meltdown)? Left wingers don't usually own guns, let alone go on shooting sprees. That reality keeps these evil conservatives safe in a world they continue to denigrate with their hateful ideology.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Great video: My Fellow American

I was contacted by the folks who put up this site and asked to post this video. I'm happy to do so as the video's message of acceptance and equality is vital and continues to be important in both the U.S. and Canada 10 years after 9-11.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Liars at Sun Media remove last ounce of journalistic accountability, credibility

TheStar Sun Media ditches press council, citing issues with ‘political correctness’

Now Sun Media is completely free in Ontario to continue to print fiction and make up stories without any way for the public to complain. For a media organization obsessed with accountability for everyone else, this is the height of hypocrisy. I'd expect nothing less from the conservative assholes who run QMI Media and Sun Media (or conservative assholes anywhere.)

Remember that great fictional story in Sun Media about how Ignatieff started the Iraq war? Well, get used to more pieces of fiction gracing the pages of Sun Media. And now there will be no one to hold Sun Media liars to account for their yellow journalism and lack of professionalism.

This is why nobody should ever read Sun Media.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Homophobia trumps racism: Bigot Rob Ford plays favourites on the summer festival circuit...

TheStar: Rob Ford promises to attend Caribbean Carnival

For my friends of colour who insist racism is still a huge problem in Toronto, I give you exhibit A: Rob Ford. With his actions today, Toronto's white trash bigot of a mayor proves that homophobia is still far more fashionable than racism. What's worse, the virulent homophobes who make up a portion of the black community will take Ford's attendance at their festival just weeks after snubbing the batty boys as further "proof" that hating gays is, indeed, okay in Ford's Toronto.

Twenty years ago, a mayor like Ford wouldn't have been caught dead at something like Caribana. Such is the mindset of our bigoted, anti-mayor. But today, Ford sees the value in sucking up to certain communities in Toronto, namely the suburban minorities who refuse to accept that discrimination based on race can only be wrong as long as discrimination based on sexual orientation is also wrong.

Of course, Ford's mantra is to pick and choose which parts of society he'll respect and which parts he'll disrespect. He, like most conservatives, divides up the populace and plays favourites. He shows respect to his base and nothing but disdain for the rest.

Of course, Ford's base isn't as stable as he'd like it to be. He forgets his 47% of the vote in October 2010 was trumped by a divided 53%. The opposition won't be so divided in 2014 after four years of broken promises and/or deteriorating city services.

Ford's message today: discrimination based on sexual orientation and disrespect for LGBT people is A-okay. The contrast couldn't be clearer.

My message to non-homophobic Ford supporters: SHAME!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

So arrogant!

It's appalling that no Canadian who isn't a card-carrying Conservative loyalist can get anywhere near this guy and give him the "boo" he deserves.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Bigot councillor Mammoliti continues his anti-gay witch hunt

TheStar Door open to Pride funding being cut

Toronto city councillor George Mammoliti - infamous for his disgustingly hateful speech against LGBT people in the 1990s for which he was never prosecuted and during which he was receiving public funds as a MPP - continued his witch hunt against the gay community this past Pride weekend, armed with a video camera.

The same weekend a radical Muslim conference in Toronto was extolling the virtues of executing homosexuals,
Mammoliti instead chose to try to hunt for alleged hate speech in the Dyke March. I most appreciated local MPP Glen Murray's tweet on Saturday that, "If Mammoliti is looking for a hate crime he should take his video camera to where the hate preachers are suggesting killing gays is ok."

It doesn't appear Mammoliti found any hate speech, in my opinion. Just some proud lefties expressing their opinions in public, something that clearly offends the powers that be at city hall. Check it out here for yourself.

The Toronto Star reports the contents of the video as: "17-minutes of tape, which Mammoliti plans to edit down, [and] shows about 30 parade marchers expressing pro-Palestinian opinions. Some carry a “Free Palestine” banner. Others call for a boycott of Israeli products. Others chant “End the occupation.” Some are not marching in the parade, but are standing at the sidelines."

So somebody shows up on a sidewalk next to the Dyke March expressing an opinion, and this leads to Pride losing its city funding? The people in the video were expressing their right to free speech and assembly, clearly things that Mammoliti doesn't respect (at least if expressing opinions he doesn't tolerate.)

I am sick and tired of some who continue to equate any criticism of Israeli government policy as akin to anti-Semitism. This is draconian, thought control at its worst and it seems to have taken hold in Mammoliti's tiny brain, as well as many others. The reign of idiots at Toronto City Hall continues, so we have to consider these attacks from the bigots running the mayor's office and Executive Committee seriously.

The voices of reason on city council at least continue to get consideration in the (for now) free press:

"Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, council’s only openly gay member, said the city would absolutely open itself to legal action [should it deny Pride funding on the basis of Mammoliti's footage.]

Ford adversary Councillor Shelley Carroll called Mammoliti’s position “dangerous.”

“It’s the broader implications that we have to look at here. What is a political message. Are we part of a nation that honours freedom of speech or not?” she said. “What precedent does it set? Where does your responsibility as a cultural event organizer begin and end? There have to be some parameters.”

I couldn't agree more. Sadly, these intelligent, reasoned positions are in opposition at City Hall.