Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New York passes equal marriage into law

Please excuse my silence over the last couple of days. I was on a road trip to drive a friend back home to Richmond, Virginia. We drove through New York state on Friday, as well as Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland and onto Virginia. Little did I know that as we passed through New York, that state became the latest to pass same sex marriage into law! I didn't watch the news at all until returning to Toronto this week and only today heard about this historic win!

Congrats to New Yorkers for this giant step toward justice for all!

p.s. I'm still on vacation this week, so I'll have little time for blogging. But have a Happy Pride!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Harper Government fights to give cancer to the rest of the world with asbestos 'bombshell'

Canada drops asbestos 'bombshell'

This is disgusting and shows the moral core of Conservatives (and some Liberals) quite clearly: we're not even willing to warn the people how to handle the toxic exports we are selling to them.

Ask yourselves: do the majority of Canadians support the unlimited/unregulated export of toxic, cancer-causing asbestos? Is there nothing Canadians won't do for money? Once again, I am ashamed of what Stephen Harper is doing to our country (with only 39.6% of voter support.) We are an unenlightened, international pariah, part of the problem.

Ford's first really big mistake would be snubbing Pride...

TheStar James: Ford turns back on gay community by shunning Pride Misguided. Small-minded. Toronto has definitely taken several steps/decades back under Rob Ford.

What a dipstick of a mayor we have!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Inspiring blowback against Catholic school officials on the rainbow issue..

TheStar Catholic schools: Embrace the rainbow

And for the record: the kids at St. Joseph’s Catholic Secondary School and all Catholic high school students trying to form GSAs are my heroes! I never would've done that in high school, so it's heartening to see progress in Ontario Catholic environments.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Gay Who Wasn't Gay Enough

I just wanted to quickly give well deserved kudos to the makers of this little promo for Toronto's Gay Rugby Team. Wow! I'm tempted to join (tempted, I won't be actually joining...haha.)

Looking forward to blogging again soon when inspiration hits...