Saturday, April 18, 2009

I LOVE Susan Boyle!

I've seen Susan Boyle's BGT performance video on Youtube probably six or seven times...What a great time for a such a gift! I came across this particularly touching tribute from this anonymous straight guy on Youtube. Suddenly the benefits of living in the era of the internet really hit home with what we're capable of experiencing together...I love you, Susan!


sassy said...

He sums it all up when he says (at 0:14), "make our hearts soar"

Chrystal Ocean said...

That's a lovely tribute to a lovely woman.

The media's treatment of Susan Boyle has sickened me. Journalists appear oblivious to how bad they make themselves look when they write of Boyle as "ugly" or refer to her dress as a "doily."

I thought her outfit was rather sweet, actually. It was obvious she had chosen it specially for that occasion. Moreover, given her employment status, it may well have been her "best" dress, likely one of very few in her wardrobe.

BTW, I dig your new graphic - top right. :)

Marg Bedore said...

See The Toronto Star cartoon today with Susan Boyle and Harper

sassy said...


LOL, thanks for the cartoon tip.