Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The only Canadian contest that counted last night: Genie Awards

Forget about that provincial backwater vote last night, where an inarticulate farmer with no meaningful plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the worst polluting enterprise in the country (Alberta's oil sands) nor plan effectively for rapid growth can win an overwhelming majority. I make no apologies when I say that Alberta proved itself to be, once again, an infantile democracy last night.

No, the only contest that counted in Canada last night were the Genie Awards. Congrats to Sarah Polley and the rest of the winners for the great Canadian film Away From Her.

The federal plan to deny tax credits to filmmakers who dare to make films that offend the likes of Charles McVety sure took a beating at last night's ceremony, which federal Heritage Minister Josee Verner shamelessly skipped.

Check out this Globe article for some great quotes from some of the winners about the Tory plan to censor Canadian artists.

My favourite quotes of the night:

"Censorship has had a little work done and is trying to make a comeback," said host Sandra Oh, the Grey's Anatomy star. "I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound very Canadian to me."

Producer Robert Lantos also hammered Ottawa, saying "Eastern Promises is a screenplay that is chock full of the powerful, frank, honest, original scenes. Just the kind that if some barbarians have their way, is no longer going to be permissible in Canadian cinema."

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