Saturday, March 8, 2008

The stuff Royal dreams are made of...

Talk about a royal PR coup! Good on "the Firm" for being so willing to exploit the lusty appeal of young Prince Harry on his recent mission to Afghanistan.

I wonder if this shirtless football match with his fellow soldiers was his idea, or that of his brilliant handlers. One thing's for certain: this Afghanistan deployment for young Harry was a major win for the young prince, for the royals in general and for the Afghanistan mission. There was something very mindlessly colonial about the whole thing, with royalty standing side-by-side with the U.K. military establishment in its endeavours. But somehow this picture made all those concerns just melt away, at least in my

Said Harry to a journalist while shooting a desert interview: "Once this film comes out there'll probably be every single person, every single person that supports them will be trying to slot me," he said. "Now that you come to think about it it's quite worrying."

Now that you come to think about it? Ah, Harry, yes you're very pretty, so we forgive you for not being too bright.

I no doubt agree that Harry's desire to join his troops at the frontlines was genuine.

The Afghanistan mission is seen as less controversial than Britain's Iraqi fiasco, so there was some sensitivity in choosing where he should be deployed. I don't even mind the media black-out that took place for most of Harry's stay in the Middle East. When the black-out was finally lifted (prematurely by the DrudgeReport), we still got the rare treat to see the young hunk shirtless or in military fatigues doing his thing on the ground.

We all win with this one! lol

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Red Tory said...

I'm sure Dr. Roy would be horrified by your lascivious admiration for the young prince. ;)