Monday, February 25, 2008

James McAvoy and Josh Brolin heat up the Oscar stage...

Just a few short comments on last night's Academy Awards ceremony, one of the most entertaining in years, I must say. Jon Stewart did a great job, but the opening sequence was shorter than usual. Overall I quite enjoyed the proceedings (my various glasses of red wine certainly helped too.)

No Country for Old Men certainly deserved to win Best Pic. Diablo Cody (the screenwriter who came out of nowhere to write Juno), took home the Best Original Screenplay award, which was awesome.

Marion Cotillard took Best Actress over Julie Christie, which didn't surprise me at all. Her film, La Vie En Rose, had been gaining momentum in recent weeks.

The hottest moment of the evening (pictured): the pairing of hotties Josh Brolin and James McAvoy to co-present one of my favourite categories, Best Adapted Screenplay (as we know, the Academy usually pairs up one man with one woman to present these things.) Said host Stewart introducing them: "One of those Oscar, odd couples...He's the brooding, handsome star of one of this year's top dramas and he's...the brooding, handsome star of one of this year's top dramas..." Yum. I certainly got a homoerotic charge watching these two babes walk out onto the stage in their tuxes. The boys played up that homoerotic appeal with their intro (see the Youtube video above). Well worth a few Is it possible the Academy was throwing gay fans a bone amid all the pageantry? Of course, gay men aren't the only ones who enjoyed seeing these two men together on stage, who are we kidding, ladies?


I forgot to mention a great little queer win last night. Freeheld, about a New Jersey detective's fight to get death benefits for her lesbian partner, took the Best Documentary Short Oscar.

For more info on Oscar's gay content, check out this AfterElton column.

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