Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Movie awards update: "Milk" among GLAAD nominees

Sorry to be so delinquent in blogging lately, I've been feeling a bit unmotivated, possibly due to the winter funk I've fallen into. I'm not one to celebrate this season by any stretch of the imagination and my tan from my Florida vacation has almost faded away.

One of the few winter rituals that I truly love is the run-up to the Oscars in late February. Last week's nominations jibed well with my own predictions. I had hoped to see 'The Dark Knight' among the Best Picture nominees, but the Academy proved again that prestigious Holocaust pictures like 'The Reader' will always get more respect than superhero masterpieces.

Their loss, although I must say I quite enjoyed 'The Reader', particularly the star turn by German hottie David Kross (pictured), whose nudity in the flick rivals that of star Kate Winslet, perhaps even surpasses it.

But I digress. Gus Van Sant's superb 'Milk' has picked up some well-deserved nominations, including eight Oscar nods last week (incl. Best Pic) and a Best Picture nomination today from GLAAD, which also nominated 'Brideshead Revisited,' 'Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist,' 'RocknRolla,' and 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' in its top category.

'Milk' is already doing very well this awards season with Sean Penn's win this weekend at the SAG Awards. I have a feeling that Mr. Penn is headed to his second Oscar win on Feb 22nd, but we'll see. Keep your eyes on the BAFTAs for any last minute changes in film awards momentum (yes I'm a film awards junkie, what can I say?)

'Slumdog Millionaire' continues to knock out the competition, taking the top prize on Saturday from the Producers Guild of America, as well as the Best Ensemble award from the Screen Actors Guild. It'll win Best Picture at the Oscars next month and it totally deserves it.

I'll be back soon hopefully with more serious topics.

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