Saturday, September 6, 2008

TIFF: Two feet from The Edge, and still alive to talk about it...

A good friend from work, a gorgeous reddish-brunette named Deana, invited me to a Toronto International Film Festival party last night at the Soho.

The party for the Jimmy Page/Jack White/The Edge documentary It Might Get Loud, by Davis Guggenheim (who did 'An Inconvenient Truth') was pretty pumped.

We got there around 11:30 pm and it was almost too busy. Felt like no air conditioning at first in the main entrance area. It was a mixed crowd of rock lovers, of which I really don't claim to be. I'm more into Pop, Indie, Classical and Jazz. I'm not even much of a fan of Led Zeppelin or Jack White, but who of course doesn't like U2?

At one point, my companion and I, brave with a couple glasses of wine, got past a security guard's velvet rope after he told her her dress was "hot."

We wandered down a hallway to a kitchen area and, almost welcomed along, made a right through a different doorway into the special V.I.P area, otherwise cordoned off from the main party by walls and more efficiently guarded velvet rope.

It was definitely creamier. We immediately saw The Edge, chatting in a crush of well-dressed people. I turned to see Michael J. Fox having a chat with Jack White on a luxury sofa nearby. Davis Guggenheim was there. A few minutes later, Jimmy Page entered. We just stood by the wall, a bit overwhelmed and sipped our new glasses of champagne. At one point, The Edge stopped right in front of us, no more than two feet away. I tried to look nonchalant, but I don't think I convinced him. Of course, we said nothing. What do you say to a legend, "Oh my God, I really loved 'Where The Streets Have No Name'"? They moved along.

We enjoyed it for about five more minutes until we got busted by security and were politely shown the exit back to the main party.

It was fun while it lasted. We went on to great conversations with other party goers for the next two hours. Also enjoying themselves in the main party area with the rest of the peasants were Geoffrey Rush and Eric Balfour.

For more on the It Might Get Loud party, check this out.

Did we like the movie? I'll let you know after we both see

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