Monday, September 29, 2008

Guilty pleasures for political junkies...

I've actually been enjoying this federal election campaign. The most striking difference from the last campaign would be the widespread use of rolling polls.

My favourite rolling poll has to be the daily CPAC-Nanos polls, mostly because of how accurately they called the 2006 election result. I usually log onto Nanos' site every day around 2 pm to check out the latest national party numbers. It's become like a drug for many Canadian election

I also check out Greg Morrow's sensational 2008 site for daily fluctuations in seat projections based on a complex formula I don't understand, yet seems to be likely accurate, at least based on most polls.

There's also the always impressive Election Prediction Project, predicting seat totals since the late 1990s (when its bandwidth isn't exceeded.)

There are other fun gadgets around the net to play with. The Globe & Mail's Poll of Polls is cool.

The best site page of this political season: the Washington Post's Pick Your President page. Check it out asap if you haven't. And let's not forget ''.

Yes I'm a nerd, I must admit. Election nights for me are like the Superbowl for football fans. I'm sure I'm not alone in that opinion...

And of course Warren's Clear Canadian Campaign Coverage always brings a smile to my face and great insight. A daily read for sure.

I check out other blogs or sites once and a while, but none as much as these gems. Please feel free to comment with the sites you can't stay away from this election...

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