Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thumbs up for XTRA editorial: 'Drummond's glaring omission'

I heartily agree with Xtra's Andrea Houston about Don Drummond's glaring omission in his report last week, which could be nicknamed 'How to cut inefficiencies and duplications in the Ontario government except those inefficiencies and duplications that might require a constitutional amendment and a little fortitude to take on historic inequities.'

It's offensive that Drummond could argue that class sizes should be increased, education workers be fired, and other major cutbacks be endured by all systems rather than address this obvious inequity of funding one religion's public schools, but not others.

I'm sure there were some issues that Drummond was ordered not to even touch (ie. private health care delivery perhaps?) I truly hope he didn't get his marching orders from the McGuinty Liberals to steer clear from taking on the duplication of public school systems in Ontario.

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