Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Religious bigots come out swinging against LGBT students and anti-bullying legislation...

Yes, the provincial government has introduced tough new anti-bullying legislation. The legislation includes provisions which will ensure that LGBT students and their straight friends who wish to form Gay-Straight Alliance-type groups in all publicly-funded schools will be able to do so. Such groups help promote tolerance and acceptance for LGBT youth in environments that otherwise remain homophobic and hostile.

Today, the usual suspects of religious bigotry in Ontario came to Queen's Park to hold a press conference (sponsored and/or attended by Ontario PC MPPs Frank Klees and Lisa MacLeod) to demand that anti-bullying provisions designed to fight homophobia and violence against LGBT students and others be dropped.

Yes, so-called religious activists including Charles McVety of The Institute for Canadian 'Values', Rondo Thomas, of the Evangelical Association, and Jack Fonseca, of the Campaign Life Coalition, are fighting for more violence against LGBT youth in Ontario schools. Disgusting!

The legislation these bigots are attacking today allows Catholic boards to create gay-straight alliances without having to use the specific term. This isn't enough for these anti-gay/pro-violence religious advocates. According to them, allowing student-initiated clubs that promote acceptance and combat homophobia in high schools is somehow a violation of Catholic rights.

So trying to stop violence and promote acceptance goes against the Catholic faith? As a recovering Catholic, even I can't remember those pro-violence/anti-acceptance provisions of Catholic doctrine.

Shame on these bigots today fighting to maintain violence and harassment against LGBT youth in our public schools. Shame!


sharonapple88 said...

“The purpose of our accepting schools act is to send a strong signal to all Ontarians, of all faiths and backgrounds, all places of origin, culture, ethnicities, in our province and our publicly funded schools — schools will be warm and accepting of all our children, regardless of their sexual orientation as well.”

That's essentially what they're fighting against. (Head against wall.)

Thank goodsness Klees didn't win the speaker role.

Skinny Dipper said...

Even without the anti-bullying provisions and sex-ed classes, teachers and students in any grade can discuss sexual orientation in our public schools. No special permission forms are needed to discuss general issues related to sexual orientation. A teacher can read for example "And Tango Makes Three" to a primary class. There can be a class discussion about different types of families. Most teachers choose not to deal with issues related to sexual orientation if they don't have to.

Fred from BC said...

"Sexual orientation", you say?

Are they also discussing S&M, bestiality, necrophilia, etc?

sassy said...

@fred - It's not about you.

Read the post again s l o w l y

Matt Guerin said...

Correct, sassy. I was discussing sexual orientation (the innate emotional, romantic, or sexual attraction to one gender or both), not the stupid crap that Fred spit out. Don't you ever get bored, Fred, of being ignorant?