Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Homophobic U.K. viewers push Heinz into pulling Deli Mayo TV ad

We've heard way too much complaining lately in Canada from conservative and religious activists about alleged censorship.

Many claim their right, for example, to promote hatred against the LGBT community by comparing us to pedophiles or drug dealers and publicly demanding followers "take whatever steps are necessary" to "reverse the wickedness of the homosexual machine" are legitimate expressions of religious faith rather than hate speech designed to dehumanize us and promote violence.

I completely disagree with most of their arguments on this issue. Most of these right-wing and religious types don't truly believe in equality and freedom, as they claim. They only believe in their own freedoms. In their minds, they have a right to dominate mainstream society and control the rest of us.

Compared to the LGBT community, when it comes to censorship, Christians have nothing to complain about. Gays have long been so absent from the mainstream, we don't even bother to complain about it anymore. When we do get a small piece of the mainstream pie, we are completely unsurprised when homophobes lash out and demand we be silenced again.

The latest example: Heinz Co. recently went out on a limb and produced a sweet, charming little commercial posted above showing two men briefly kissing. Hundreds of bigots complained about it, forcing the company to pull it. Read more about the sad story here. Big shame.

Should we expect new columns soon from Ezra Levant, Lorne Gunter and others like them decrying this latest example of anti-gay censorship? Let's just say I won't be holding my breath.


Red Tory said...

There were some pretty choice comments to that article on the CBC website. I liked this one: "The best part of this whole article is the fact that the commercial couldn't be aired during childrens' shows due to the fat content of mayonnaise." LOL.

More seriously, that is too bad. I played O'Reilly's discussion of the ad a couple of days ago. It was one of the most incoherent, ludicrous segments I've ever seen.

I guess some people are just never going to come to terms with the notion of homosexual couples, but it's too bad that a company like Heinz would buckle to the complaints of 200 wankers.

Antonio said...

this commercial is absolutely hilarious.

See I am not for censoring crazy right wing people, I prefer to let everybody hear what they have to say all the time.

Thats the best way we can fight homophobia...keep all the morons saying all the stupid shit they say.