Monday, April 7, 2008

Jonathan Kay: "Gay or straight, sexual orientation is in your blood"

Wow! On this issue, Jonathan Kay's my kind of conservative. Required reading for sure.

Here's his best paragraph from the column:

"Notwithstanding church programs that promise to de-program gay kids, the APA has declared that sexual orientation is "not changeable." According to the United States Surgeon General, "there is no valid scientific evidence that sexual orientation can be changed." Not surprisingly, the "ex-gay" men who find Christ and declare themselves "cured" of homosexuality usually wind up not so "ex" in the long run (much to the disappointment and mortification of their God-fearing spouses). As others have noted, the truest test of a person's belief that a gay man can be turned straight is whether you would let such a convert marry your daughter. If there's a reader out there who can say yes to that, [he]'d like to hear from him..."

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ALW said...

This is indeed a good piece. One caveat: I think that there are indeed some people who experiment sexually with persons of the same gender, who are not “really” gay.

I respect most socially conservative views, but when it comes to choosing one’s sexual preference, I simply can’t grasp where they are coming from.