Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pope starts 2008 with new attack on gays, blames SSM for war

Dinosaur Pope Benedict reminded us all why many hate the Catholic Church and other organized religions a couple days ago when he said any deviation from the traditional family unit undermines world peace.

On Sunday addressing a crowd in St Peter's Square from his apartment window at the Vatican, he said that support for anything less than the traditional family unit was disrupting society.

"I wanted to shed light on the direct relationship that exists between the family and peace in the world," the Pope said.

"The family is the primary agent of peace and the negation or even the restriction of rights of the family ... threatens the very foundations of peace."

The Pope's comments, in both Italian and Spanish, were carried by satellite and telecast to a rally in a public square in Madrid where thousands of Catholics were protesting against Spain's two year old gay marriage law.

Appropriately, Spain's government has criticized the Catholic Church's latest political intervention.

But perhaps the Pope is on to something? One need only look at the list of countries that have accepted full equality for LGBT citizens and supported same sex marriage (SSM) to find proof how such actions undermine world peace:

- The Netherlands
- Belgium
- Canada
- South Africa
- Spain

Wow, big destabilizers of world peace there. Countries that continue to attack gay rights and fight equality for LGBT citizens:

- United States
- Iran
- Saudi Arabia
- Russia
- Pakistan
- countless others, you get the drift...

Man, whatever would we do without these and other countries to help protect world peace?


JimBobby said...

Whooee! So the infallible guy figgers SSM is causing wars? Wars are a big cause of nuclear family breakdown. Daddy goes off to war and either doesn't come back or comes back as a different, less family-focussed feller.

Economic disparity is another threat to the nuclear family. All over the third world, fathers are forced to seek sustainable employment away from their families. Shee-it! How many Newfie families got troublems when their men all moved to Fort MacMurray?

There's way bigger threats to the family than queers an' ssm, sez I.


FredM said...

With out calling me names or getting mad(like most other liberal blogs i read) I dont see how this is a direct attack against gay people. I also see it geared towards single men or women that dont produce families.

FredM said...

One other thing i dont understand is why you are blogging this article. There are many other religions out there insulting and killing gays because they dont agree with them, are you afraid and intimidated by these religions? I just dont understand why gays are so obsessed with picking on and pointing out the faults of Christians and Catholics. You are condeming one group for not accepting you but giving other groups a pass for killing gays.

Matt Guerin said...

Hi Fred - I don't think single men or women are a threat to world peace either.

But it's the faulty logic of the Pope and, true, any religious or non-religious figure who fingerpoints homosexuals loving each other and gaining acceptance in their societies as somehow damaging those societies or, in the Pope's words, "world peace" that annoys me.

I point out the Pope because I was raised Catholic and Canada, the country in which I live, is still predominantly Christian. However, I'd sadly point out similar attacks coming from other religious figures as well. We don't get as much press about Islamic radicals spouting off against homosexuality in our press. I did see the Dalai Lama in an interview declare that he does not support same sex marriage or gay rights due to his beliefs as a Buddhist. I found that disappointing, but didn't feel the need to write about it. People are allowed to not support homosexuality if they so choose.

It seems all mainstream heterosexual religions condemn homosexuality. I don't want to rake everyone over the coals simply for disagreeing with me on that one point. I will of course gladly attack and criticize any religious leaders who abuse their authority.

However, when the Pope or others of great influence make idiotic comparisons like this - that SSM causes war - it's so ridiculous it needs to be pointed out and criticized...

Saskboy said...

I'm not sure if the United church condemns homosexuality, and they are mainstream.

Anyway, I wish the Pope would attack other 4 letter g words instead like "guns" or "gnus" or "gaps". The English do say "mind the gaps" ;-)

Jay said...

I noticed Fred is using the "hurt feelings" card to stop any discussion about Christianity, Catholicism and the pope and then resorts to the deference to other religions as to let Christians off the hook. The don't blame me, look over there Muslims! line.

This is a overused practise and if the Pope can speak publicly about such things and condemn others, then as with politicians or any one else he is open to scrutiny. I view the pope as an outdated politician as he is peddling social control systems albeit millenniums old and dangerous.

They expect you to turn the other cheek and take the insults but when it comes to them and their issues its eye for an eye.

FredM said...

Thanks for commenting jay, there are no hurt feelings here, just confused and I know of many other people that are confused by the stance of homosexual organizations. Like I said, I think the church takes lots of criticism from gays and I'm just not seeing it being directed fairly towards other religions. And from what i read online the church with its gay priests and gay bishops takes the biggest hit from gays yet it has bent backwards the most for the gay community. Can tell me of another religion that has gay clergymen, bishops, priest. The way I see it the church has changed in some ways and they dont get any credit for it. it seems easier to keep bashing them while islamic groups continue to make "Anti-gay" clubs. No mention of it on this blog.

Matt Guerin said...

Fred, you're really funny (;-) and dangerously misinformed. The Church has done squat for gays. The Pope has personally attacked gay priests and said all the problems re: sexual abuse can be solved simply by removing the gays. Kind of like his argument that world peace can come about simply by ignoring homosexuals and treating them like second class citizens. This pope is full of crap and so are you...

I'll criticize any religious homophobe, not just the Christian ones...

RD said...

Just another example of how ridiculous the mainstream religions are sounding in these days of rapid change and scientific discovery with their immutable dogmas. The system will only work well, according to the Pope, if everything stays status quo. Everyone get married and have kids! That's the Church solution for everything, and look where it's gotten us. Anyone who blames gays, etc for the world's problems obviously does not have their root cause analysis completed yet.