Sunday, September 30, 2007

I've cancelled my subscription to the Toronto Star because of its biased referendum coverage

This is a copy of a letter to the editor I sent this morning to the Toronto Star. Enough is enough.

Dear Editor,

re: Electoral reform a backward step

I've been disgusted by the Toronto Star's unfair, biased coverage of the Citizens' Assembly referendum for weeks.

You've misinformed your readers by frequently referring to new province-wide MPPs under the new system as "appointed" or "selected."

In fact, all MPPs under the new system will be elected directly by voters. Voters will have two ballots, one for their local representative like now and one vote that will count right across the province and directly elect 39 new province-wide MPPs. Those 39 new province-wide MPPs will be accountable to voters, giving voters much more representation at Queen's Park than they have now. Those new MPPs will ensure that party representation in the legislature matches the party vote overall.

The Star's analysis around the need to reform our antiquated system has been willfully ignorant. Other jurisdictions with MMP have governments that are very stable and effective. Fringe parties almost never hold the balance of power.

For a paper that purports to support the little guy, the disenfranchised and the weak, your opposition to a voting system that would ensure all Ontarians have a voice in the legislature and that voters' wishes at election time aren't distorted by an archaic system is truly disappointing.

As such, I have cancelled my subscription to your paper. I will no longer give money to a newspaper that's willing to misinform readers on crucial public issues.

Matt Guerin


Sean Cummings said...

Well aside from the fact that The Star sucks monkeybutt, you have to remember their lack of coverage has to do with the fact that under MMP, the likelihood of continued Liberal majorities becomes threatened. Given that The Star is a pro-Liberal Party organ of the highest order, it makes sense they'd offer less than stellar coverage.

Matt Guerin said...

In many ways true, but there are many Liberals, myself included, who support MMP. And also many ordinary Liberals (we far outnumber the backroom types) who understand that Liberal majorities rarely produce great government. See the current McGuinty government for proof of that. Give me a Liberal minority government any day.

Kurb said...

I am inclined to agree with Sean. While I'd love to see a Liberal minority, there's no denying the Star's Liberal affiliations. The Star have been controlled by a handful of influential Liberal families since it's inception and continue to wield their power effectively, as demonstrated in the recent dismissal of the Star's chief editor. Any editors who undermine the integrity of the Liberal party, as MMP does, would likely be seriously reprimanded.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with you. Anyone who takes the time to actually learn about MMP, and then compares it to our current First Past the Post system, quickly realizes MMP is much, much better.

I'm tired of the myths and false information. The only way MMP will pass in the referendum is if we keep spreading the word on our own. Thanks for your dedication to the issue Matt.