Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Speaking of SSM: Another openly gay Liberal set to wed

Another openly gay, high-profile Liberal is about to tie the knot.

Nova Scotia Liberal MP Scott Brison is set to wed his partner Maxime St. Pierre this weekend at a private ceremony at Mr. Brison’s Hants County home.

Former PM Paul Martin reportedly will be there, as will Lib­eral Leader Stephane Dion, NHL Hall of Fame goaltender and ex-cabinet minister Ken Dryden and former New Brun­swick premier Frank McKen­na.

However, these details aren't confirmed by the grooms themselves. Mr. Brison’s staff won’t re­veal any details of the event and has sworn guests to secrecy. Mr. Brison’s office has de­clined comment on the wed­ding.

There's nothing wrong with a little privacy. If anything, it counters the assertion from some anti-gay folks that we homosexuals simply love flaunting our lifestyle inappropriately.

Brison has always had a very sensible approach to being "out of the closet." He's never made a big deal out of it, describing himself not as a gay politician, but as a "politician who happens to be gay."

He once told The Canadian Press that he would rather his marriage plans we­ren’t newsworthy at all. “I’m looking forward to the day when the idea of a gay or lesbian poli­tician getting married is not a story at all," he said.

But for now, it's cause for more celebration. When any two people can commit themselves to the important institution of marriage, it's a great day indeed. Congrats to both Scott and Maxime! All the best!


annie said...

Good for Scott and much luck..good to see that Paul Martin, Stephene and Mr Dryden will be there

Anonymous said...

I wish Scott and his partner health, happiness and success in their life together. And, more importantly, the privacy he desires - hint, hint.