Sunday, January 30, 2022

Far-right convoy extremists have shown us what they really are: selfish, entitled, grown children. It's time to show them who we are.

Far-right grown babies demand
'freedumbs' in Ottawa yesterday
I don't always agree with everything Althea Raj writes, but good for her today to tell this truth:

"(Un)vaccinated protesters on the hill say they are tired of restrictions. I am also tired of the restrictions. We all are. I think often of the single parents with school-age children and how they've managed, or the small-business owners who worry about their life savings sunk in a business that may be unable to recover. I can't wait for things to return to normal, to feel safe going about everyday activities, and not worry about my 82-year-old father catching COVID-19...

...The sooner everyone gets vaccinated, the sooner this can happen."

For writing these words, as a woman of colour, I’m sure her inbox will be filled with vile misogyny, racism and threats of violence for the rest of her life from anti-vaxxers and convoy-types.

I can only imagine how horrified the people of Ottawa must be with these violent, loud babies invading their town, filling their streets and shutting the place down to bitch about their so-called 'freedumbs.' Our country's capital. I heard at least one convoy organizer express hope the event would be their own "January 6th."

A wise person once said: when they show you who they are, believe them.

The Trump-supported convoy and what they represent is the worst of humanity acting like spoiled children and complaining selfishly about something decent people are also tired of but are tolerating for the common good.

Decent, considerate people have had enough. When bullies like anti-vaxxers and those forcing themselves on Ottawa in this convoy engage in their horrid behaviour, the answer is not to appease them.

You stop bullies by standing up firmly against them. By pushing them back. You certainly don't do what weaselly, gutless, lost Erin O'Toole is doing lately. We didn't defeat Hitler in WWII by trying to appease him and hoping he'd stop being aggressive. We were forced to stand up to him as the only way to stop an aggressor. It's what we have to do now with the evil Vladimir Putin in Russia as he needlessly threatens Ukraine.

It would be nice to hear from Conservatives today not selfishly shutting down streets and spouting racism to promote their "freedumbs" or not gutlessly trying to appease them and trying to convince us there are good people are both sides.  I know there are some good conservatives out there and they're as horrified as I am.  

We know the way out of this is through vaccination and pulling together.

No one has the right to force themselves across an international border only on their own terms.

When people of colour do it fleeing violence back home, these convoy types attack them and laugh as their refugee children are thrown in cages. Maybe these convoy types should be thrown in their own cages indefinitely to feel what real abuse feels like.

Of course, there can be good people on both sides.  But one side - the selfish convoy side - is choosing not to act good these days.  They're acting horribly.  Borderline criminal.  It's time for our society to tell them to shut up.  We've heard enough of your nonsense!   You've spewed your dumb message about how you want everything to return back to normal with zero effort on your part.   You've proven to us you're delusional and will be no help to the rest of us as we struggle forward to face down the many challenges our societies face. 

Go away! Or we'll find new ways to make you go away!  That's what civil societies do when confronted with irrational, violent aggression.  


rumleyfips said...

No! there are not good people on both sides. Misogynistic,racist, anti-education reformatories are not good people.

MG said...

All people are capable of good. But I agree the folks who are spouting bigoted, anti-education stuff are choosing to not be, it's true. They could always see the light and learn the ridiculousness of their decisions. And just get vaccinated.