Thursday, April 15, 2021



I sent this message a few minutes ago to Unity Health Toronto, the alleged providers of health care in my Toronto Centre community.  I think it speaks for itself.  

From name: Matt Guerin

Comment: I just logged onto my three local vaccine clinic appointment booking links available through Unity Health as we've been told by your website and by local Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam that new Covid vaccine appointments are opened up every Thursday at 7 pm.

I used 3 different tabs to check each of the 3 clinics that are allegedly offering appointments now to 48 year olds in my Covid hot spot postal code M5B.  No appointments were available when I checked all three clinics at 6:45 pm (just like it's been all week). I stayed on the tabs, refreshed a few times, and kept checking and checking. 7 pm came and went.  No new appointments appeared.  There were no appointments period.   Despite being told pretty publicly that new ones would be added Thursdays at 7 pm.  I gave up at 7:31 pm. 

There have been too many lies spread around during this pandemic. Our premier is a buffoon liar who has screwed up Ontario's response to this pandemic.  Other public officials have completely let us down too, from the federal government to local officials.   I'm disappointed to find out that Unity Health is now also providing false information and false hope out there to the public when we're desperate to be vaccinated. We don't need more lies.

Shape up. If new appointments are to be added Thursdays at 7 pm but zero appear at that time, you are liars. Stop lying.

 ***UPDATE APRIL 17***

I logged onto their site tonight.  Unity Health will only book 7 days in advance.  Each day, the calendar moves one day ahead, and just minutes ago after midnight Saturday April 17, the 24th became available to be clicked on for the first time.   And wouldn't you know it - on all clinics, there are ZERO appointments available for the 24th already, even though it was impossible for anybody to select the 24th until 14 minutes ago.  

This proves my point.  If anyone can possibly get through this bullshit Unity Health has put up as our only way to book a vaccine, it's a miracle. 

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