Friday, April 10, 2015

I hope local, longtime Liberal Marco Mendicino wins Eglinton-Lawrence Liberal nomination over Eve Adams

Sorry, federal Liberals and Trudeau inner circle members, sorry Tom Allison and others, this idea to let Eve Adams run for the nomination in Eglinton-Lawrence was a huge mistake.  She's a bad fit in a riding that is ripe for the taking. I have to agree with Mike Colle on this one.

Adams ought to pull out entirely and now consider running for the nomination in Oakville-North Burlington, vacated recently due to the tragic death of Max Khan.  That's the new stomping grounds she tried to represent when she was still a Tory.   It would make a bit of sense for her to run there, not inner city Toronto where she has no roots.

I really hope this doesn't go down the way it's been going down.

There is a great local Liberal running for the nomination: Marco Mendicino, a longtime resident and lawyer who was a prosecutor on the Toronto 18 terror case. 

This article by Jane Taber nicely sums up the state of the race.  Of particular note is the last paragraph: 

"Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, meanwhile, are watching the Adams saga unfold with some amusement. Privately, they are hoping she will win the nomination, believing Joe Oliver, the incumbent MP and Finance Minister, would easily beat her in the federal election."

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