Friday, April 24, 2015

Could Rachel Notley's NDP be heading to shocking win in Alberta?

I watched last night's superb debate between Alberta provincial leaders.  Yes, Alberta politics has become spell-binding for political junkies this election. 

Yes, NDP Leader Rachel Notley was amazing and PC Premier Jim Prentice didn't really help his struggling campaign much, especially with his patronizing comment, "I know that math is difficult."

Wildrose leader Brian Jean looked good in his suit, but probably didn't convince many outside his base that he's premier material.  Liberal leader David Swann was decent but irrelevant.  
The reviews so far show that Notley won the debate by a country mile.  It's likely the event will add to the Alberta NDP's considerable momentum. 

Could we be witnessing a historic and shocking NDP win in an Alberta election?  A perfect storm with the right-wing literally cut in half by two parties, and a collapsed Liberal Party producing an NDP victory?  Time will tell on May 5th.

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