Monday, March 2, 2015

Conservative yuck factor goes up...

PM Harper, another Tory and evolution-hater MP James Lunney.
Yuck and yuck and yuck.

It seems the thinly-veiled, socially conservative extremist face of the Conservative movement in this country is showing itself more honestly lately.

Smart politics?  Nope.  Arrogant?  Yes.  Representative of mainstream Canada?  No way. 

These folks belong no where near the levers of power.  I'm glad the Ontario PCs remain stuck in opposition and reportedly intent on staying there (if the weekend's membership recruitment numbers prove to be true.)

I hope our misguided federal Conservatives - with a caucus filled with dinosaurs like Cheryl Gallant - get knocked back into opposition where they belong this year. 


Anonymous said...

yeah the evolution hater, the one that believes that god made us in his direct image from Adam and Eve then from there on we descended into what we are now....or at least what conservatives are. Meaning that if the Adam and Eve fairy tale is true then Adam and Eve's children must have gotten together and procreated....meaning that there would have been some divine inbreeding....which would explain the production of Christian conservatives!

Matt Guerin said...

Well said, Jeremy!