Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday round-up: the confusing Horwath hangs on; gorgeous 'Malificent' star hints at bisexuality...

This Martin Regg Cohn opinion piece pretty much sums up most of my thoughts on Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, whose unfortunate leadership was renewed yesterday by skeptical NDP delegates at their Toronto convention. 

She may have a feisty and engaging personality, but as we saw in the last provincial election, this emperor who still reads her speeches from a teleprompter has no clothes.   She long ago ceded progressive issues to her superior opponent, Kathleen Wynne, and went about confusing voters with a mix of populist BS and empty platitudes which saw her party lose the balance of power to a Liberal majority in the June election.   Quite frankly, based on a smattering of things I've heard from her in recent weeks (like over-the-top warnings about selling public assets and fiscal drunken orgies), I've now tuned Horwath out and I see no reason to start listening to her anytime soon. 

Going forward, it's a choice between progressive champion and Liberal incumbent Kathleen Wynne versus which ever person the Ontario PCs pick as their next leader.  Forget about Horwath's useless NDP. 

On issues progressives like myself care about - like public transit, cost of living and achieving a secure retirement - it's Wynne who is acting to implement real solutions.  This is what "progressive government" looks like.   If you're more interested in burning fossil fuels without consequence and being stuck in traffic forever, Andrea Horwath or the Ontario PCs are your option.   And good luck to you, because you'll need it.  


On an unrelated note, this week saw interesting news about gorgeous Australian-born actor Brenton Thwaites (pictured) who nonchalantly hinted in an interview this week that he's bisexual

In an interview with The Fix, the 25-year-old Australian actor was asked what he looks for in a partner.

“Male or female?,” he asked.  “Both,” the interviewer replied.

“Well,” Thwaites said, “they’re very different.”

The star then said he merely looks for someone with “peanut butter in their cupboard.”

You might not have heard of Thwaites before.  I, of course, had seen him in a small handful of films and greatly admired his looks and talent.  But I'll admit I thought he spelled his first name "Brendan" and wasn't too sure about the spelling of his last name.  Now, I know his full name by heart.  

If his comments are truly indicative of a bisexual orientation, good for Thwaites at so nonchalantly answering a question many older actors have skirted around in the past.  He'll certainly win himself legions of new fans, myself included. 

Click here to view the full interview.

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