Thursday, November 27, 2014

Hey Kathleen Wynne! This is wrong: Catholic school principal shuts down Grade 6 students' project on gay rights

Polly Hamilton, left, and Quinn Maloney-Tavares, both 11, wanted to do a social justice school project on gay rights, but their principal at an Ottawa Catholc Catholic School vetoed the idea.

I'm getting really tired of Catholic school board officials in Ontario beating up on LGBT people and our rights, with the full sanction of the Ontario government.

Particularly sad is the message this move by their principal sends to the students in the class, the school and the Ottawa board.  I'm glad the students and their mother are fighting back and making this public.

If 11-year-olds are old enough to pick a topic on their own, then it should be acceptable for 11-year-olds.  This decision reeks of old-style Catholic thinking of 'Let's accommodate the worst bigot in our community rather than the students in question, let alone LGBT students in our schools who need support."

They aren't getting any support in Ottawa Catholic schools these days.

Kathleen Wynne, we need to stop this madness! Publicly-sanctioned discrimination, paid for by taxpayers in a pluralistic province like Ontario, is wrong, wrong, wrong!

It's time to reconsider public funding Catholic schools in Ontario, to the exclusion of all other religions.  Equality demands it!

Again, here's one strategy for how to revisit the issue. 

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rww said...

It seems that a Tory MPP has more guts than a Liberal Minister to stand up for what's right …