Monday, October 27, 2014

John Tory wins! Homophobic school trustee Sotiropoulos loses! Toronto moves forward!

I'm glad that John Tory won the Toronto mayoralty and that the Ford era is now over.  

I hoped to see more progressive councillors get elected across Toronto, but sadly the power of incumbency in many places is tough to beat.   Kristyn Wong-Tam won in my ward, which is great.  Chris Moise did very well against incumbent Sheila Ward for public school trustee, so I hope he runs again next time. 

Despite the hopes of many progressives, the city was not in the mood for a swing back to the left.  That's democracy.  But it's clear that 66% of voters wanted to get rid of the Fords.  So this is why Tory won and a very decent candidate Olivia Chow lost.  Had Tory not run at all, and this election had been primarily between Olivia Chow and Doug Ford, I shudder to think that Ford would've likely won.

But now a guy who wants to govern from the centre (not the far right as many fanatic lefties claimed) is going to try to make things work at city hall again.  He'll have to be a conciliator and work hard with all factions of council, left, centre and right, to get anything done. 

I'm sure the provincial Liberals will be happy with this result tonight too.  I hope Tory works well with Kathleen Wynne to fix transit in this region.

I also hope that Wynne keeps her promise to enact preferential balloting in Toronto elections, as per the request of the last council.  That must happen so we can end the nonsense of strategic voting and jerks like the Fords don't have a chance to ruin the city in the future with only 34% of the vote.  

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