Thursday, October 23, 2014

Habitual liar Doug Ford denies he called female reporter "a little bitch"; Toronto students fight back against bigoted school trustee

Several journalists have reported that Toronto mayoral candidate Doug Ford, the thuggish brother of Rob Ford, said after last night's CTV debate: "I can't stand that little bitch." 

Ford was referring to Toronto Star reporter Jennifer Pagliaro after a post-debate media scrum.   The comment was heard by Star photojournalist Lucas Oleniuk and a CTV producer.

DoFo is, big surprise, denying he said it.  Of course, DoFo, like his brother, is a habitual liar and has lied repeatedly to the public during this election campaign.  We saw the latest examples of Doug Ford's inaccuracies during last night's debate. 

Monday night's crushing defeat for the Fords can't come soon enough!


In other news, I'm glad that some Toronto high school students are speaking out eloquently against homophobic bigot school trustee Sam Sotiropoulos, whom they want suspended for his comments about the Gay Pride parade, which they feel are homophobic, and for suggesting transgendered students could be mentally ill.

“If a student tweeted something like that, we’d be suspended, or at the very least we’d have to write an essay about the negative impact it has on school climate,” argued Grade 11 student Georgia Koumantaros of Malvern Collegiate.  

The students made their comments while addressing the  Toronto District School Board's Administration, Finance and Accountability committee meeting Wednesday.  Officials responded they can't suspend Sotiropoulos, but trustees at the committee meeting gave the students a round of applause, although it is not clear whether the issue of Sotiropoulos’s tweets will be referred on for future discussion.

For more information on Sotiropoulos' bigoted comments, check out my previous blog post about him.  
He's brought enough shame to the board and his community of Scarborough-Agincourt.  I remain hopeful that his opponent, Manna Wong, will be able to turf the bigot from the board in Monday's election.

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