Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rob Ford can't run a high school football team, and he most certainly can't run a city....

This is required reading for Ford Nation or those bizarre people who appear to be still considering voting for the turd in October, according to the turd pollster Forum Research.  

Here's an excerpt from the Daniel Dale story today: 

"Mayor Rob Ford made his high school football players “roll in goose scat,” threatened to beat up a teacher, showed up intoxicated to the final practice before the Metro Bowl, ignored requests to complete criminal background checks, stuck the school with a $5,000 tab for helmets he promised to pay for, and held an improper summer practice at which a player broke his collarbone, according to internal documents from the Catholic school board."

Yeah, sadly this disgusting behaviour doesn't shock us any more.  We're numb to Ford's excesses.  

After Ford has done so much lying, so much covering up, so much malfeasance, our collective reaction (at least those of us who are sensible and care about our city) should be to tune him out and scratch him off our list of possible recipients of our vote in October.   There should be no way he can win more support than 20-25%, which is about the percentage of dumb people who don't care about a mayor smoking crack on the job, I guess.  

That's why I don't want to believe today's Forum Poll which claims Ford is gaining and getting back in the game, only a few points behind frontrunner John Tory.   Really?   He lies incessantly for years about his record and his terrible behaviour, he's a confirmed bigot and has given us no evidence to believe otherwise, but now we'll consider voting for him still?  

I don't think so.   Forum is just acting like most of the pollsters out there these days: putting out bogus polls to get more attention for their brand.   They don't care how they compromise our democracy or distort how the race is going; Forum and others just want their poll to "get people talking" and get their company's name is as many media outlet stories as possible.  That's all. 

I'm waiting for the next Nanos poll.   

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