Friday, July 11, 2014

Toronto Taxpayers Coalition don't give a crap about real taxpayers, only helping out Conservative politicians...

This statement below released today by Toronto mayoral candidate Olivia Chow caught my attention: 

Reality Check: Taxpayers Coalition Misses Biggest Bill Taxpayers Face

FRIDAY, JULY 11, 2014

Oversight, cosy alignment with conservative candidates, something fishier, who knows? But the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition ignored the priciest issue in the mayoral race…in a questionnaire about taxes and fiscal responsibility.  It’s the $1 billion bill for underground rail to Scarborough.

It’s the most expensive subject of debate, despite delivering four fewer stops than the above-ground option—and shovels not starting to dig until 2019.  So it’s more than strange that the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition didn’t bring it up at all. Don’t they speak for the very taxpayers that Ford and Tory want to make pay $1 billion more than they have to?  Olivia answered earlier than the August 1 deadline and released her replies, asking why it ignored the most expensive issue being discussed.

Chow makes an excellent point.  If you read the survey questions (and Chow's answers) available here, the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition makes no mention of the misguided Scarborough subway plan which Chow opposes.

This seems at odds with the Coalition's stated mission on its website: "The Toronto Taxpayers Coalition is a non-partisan advocate for the municipal Taxpayer. We are committed to lower taxes, less waste, and holding government to account with respect to how they spend your hard earned money."

It seems not only is the Coalition quite partisan, but they are not committed to lower taxes (otherwise they'd oppose the Scarborough subway), they are not committed to less waste (otherwise they'd oppose the Scarborough subway) and holding government to account (which they aren't doing on the issue of the Scarborough subway boondoggle.)

In response to their hypocrisy, I sent the following email to the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition.   This is not a group that in any way is advocating for this Toronto taxpayer!


The Scarborough Subway plan pushed on the city by Rob Ford and other councillors looking for Scarborough votes would cost Toronto taxpayers an extra $1 billion in tax increases!   

Yet you support this over the less expensive and FAR BETTER existing plan to build an above-ground light rail train that would have 4 more stops, serve tens of thousands more people and be built four years sooner!  

You clearly don't care about taxpayers in this city.  Your only real concern is supporting conservatives, no matter how fiscally irresponsible their plans may be. 


Glad that Olivia Chow, whose position on this issue of Scarborough rapid transit expansion is the most fiscally responsible of the major mayoral candidates, properly called out your hypocrisy in this statement today:

This issue of supporting a light rail train extension into Scarborough over Rob Ford's stupid subway plan will be Chow's strongest card to play for the rest of this race, I think.  It's the main reason why I may end up voting for her.  I simply cannot support politicians who support this disastrous and fiscally irresponsible plan to build a subway extension into Scarborough with just 3 stops over the better LRT plan to build 7 stops stretching all the way to Centennial College.  It's a misguided attempt to win votes for all those politicians supporting the subway plan.  In fact, I'd say many in Scarborough support the LRT plan too for the reasons stated above.  They know a Rob Ford boondoggle when they smell it!

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