Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Shirtless Joe fights back against terrible Rob Ford

This Global News video of Joe Killoran, an ordinary East York resident out for a jog Tuesday, made the rounds on the internet last night, and won Killoran massive amounts of fans across Toronto.   

Killoran, now popularly known as "Shirtless Joe," couldn't contain his frustration when he saw bigot mayor Rob Ford in his hood yesterday gunning for votes at the Canada Day parade.  Ford was already retreating early from the parade after facing numerous boos and heckles from ordinary citizens when Killoran decided Ford should be asked a few questions he's thus far refused to answer. 

Shirtless Joe pummeled Ford with questions about Apollo Beauty, possibly using his influence as mayor to benefit his family's private business, as well as attack Ford for being a racist and a homophobe.   When Ford's pathetic flack tried to block Killoran and offer him Ford's business card to ask questions some other time, Killoran rightly refused the diversion. 

Apollo Beauty, a private company and client of the Fords' Deco Labels, was fined by the city in 2012 for dumping sewage into a North York river, but the Fords intervened to get the company a private meeting with top city bureaucrats so they could avoid paying it.  Now a respected national watchdog group is asking the city integrity commissioner to investigate the Ford brothers over possible conflicts of interest over the case.

Rob Ford has lied to the people of Toronto for months about his own behaviour, as well as refused to answer questions about his possible involvement or connections with organized crime and gang-related murders.  When reporters have asked tough questions of him, Ford's ignored them.  If they pushed too hard, they found themselves shut out of press conferences or worse.  

Now Ford and his thug brother act like they're above it all, not answerable to anyone.  Dougie Ford even tried to intimidate Joe yesterday by claiming he needed anger management!  It was a breath of fresh air to see this clearly spontaneous moment of an ordinary citizen calling out our vile mayor on his behaviour.  

The outrage in the public is real and it's deeply potent.  The notion those who hate Ford are somehow going to fail to make it to the polls in November is simple Ford Nation stupidity.  The city wants Ford gone now!  

A friend did some research about Killoran and discovered Joe "is a law teacher at Malvern College.  He gets high marks on "Rate My Teacher". Needless to say, several students mention his body on that site."

Great job, Shirtless Joe!  You did Toronto proud yesterday confronting our disgusting garbage can of a mayor.

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