Sunday, November 24, 2013

Chrystia Freeland: The Best Candidate for MP of Toronto Centre

Monday's by-election day in Toronto Centre, and three other federal ridings in Canada. I'll be out pulling the vote all day in Toronto Centre, where I live.

If you're a voter in Toronto Centre and haven't made up your mind, or want to remind yourself how great a candidate the Liberals have in Chrystia Freeland, please check out her TED Talk from earlier this year linked above.

If elected tomorrow, Freeland will be an awesome MP who will work tirelessly to improve the economic lives of the middle class in Canada. I don't want my MP arguing in Ottawa for tax increases. I want my MP to work closely with her leader to form a viable alternative to the current Conservatives and policies that will push Canada forward. Freeland will most certainly be able to do that.

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