Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau fights back with 'Channel Change' TV ad

Canadians are fair people.  They understand that 40-somethings just elected to new, massively challenging leadership roles need time to continue to grow and do their jobs. 

In response to Trudeau's overwhelming popularity with Canadians, the fearful Conservatives under Stephen Harper launched TV attack ads last week trying to undercut that popularity by claiming Trudeau is in "way over his head."  They used in their sleazy ads video footage stolen from Huffington Post of a brief moment when Trudeau cheekily took off his shirt while trying to raise more money for a charity.  They even included an old 1999 clip in an ad of a 28-year-old Justin summarizing something Pierre Trudeau once said to him, but implied Justin was sharing his own thoughts about Quebec. 

Dishonest and sleazy.  That's the type of Conservative government we have in Ottawa nowadays. 

This ad is a very nice response by Justin Trudeau.  While I didn't vote for him as my first choice in the Liberal leadership race (in order to make a point, see my last post), I was pleased with his victory and I'm very certain that Justin Trudeau will continue to reach out to Canadians with a new style of leadership that this country is clearly craving. 

The Conservatives want to continue winning by simply smashing down their opponents and offering to Canadians the fewest choices possible.   We're seeing it in the Labrador byelection in which Peter Penashue, the Conservative candidate who broke the law in order to steal the seat in 2011, is now throwing mud at his Liberal opponent.  If Penashue couldn't even account for his own spending in the 2011 election, how can he expect anyone to believe he's figured out the accounting of his Liberal opponent going back years in provincial politics in that province?  Liberal Yvonne Jones is slamming Penashue's attacks as complete lies. Facing crushing defeat on May 13th, Penashue is despicably desperate, much like his bosses in Ottawa. Click here to learn more. 

It's starting to feel like Canadians are simply being held captive by a bunch of immature, sleazy Conservatives who brutally protect their entitlements and their power to the benefit of only their base (the rich, the establishment, the bigoted, etc.)  And make no mistake, Stephen Harper is only looking out for big oil companies, who continue to get billions in tax giveaways every year from Harper, while my own modest, middle class income continues to shrink under the weight of higher Harper payroll taxes.

After Tom Mulcair's less than inspiring first year as leader of the federal NDP, it's finally nice to see a leader in Justin Trudeau who has the potential to knock these so-cons out of office and bring back a progressive Liberal government to Ottawa.  It will take time and much hard work, but Trudeau seems more than up to the challenge.  Conservatives know he's a threat and that's why they're attacking him.

I'm happy to give Justin Trudeau's new ad some more publicity here.  I urge everyone to donate to the Liberal Party so they can run these widely across all platforms