Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mulcair does better the morning after....

Okay, while Thomas Mulcair disappointed me with his uninspiring victory speech last night at the NDP convention in Toronto, his subsequent interviews with the CBC's Peter Mansbridge and with Craig Oliver this morning on CTV's Question Period restored confidence.

In politics as we know, giving a 10-minute barn burner of a speech is less important than overall ability to communicate in interviews, on panels, in question period in the House of Commons and elsewhere. Most Canadians won't ever watch a 10-minute speech; if they did, Michael Ignatieff would've done much better in 2011 after his series of great speeches on the campaign trail. Over time, Canadians will make up their minds about Mulcair's performance based mostly on short clips and moments they witness.

Mulcair thus far in interviews has been very well-spoken, mild-mannered, straight-forward, intelligent, and impressive. His skills as a communicator will work their wonders, I'm sure, over time.

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