Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy to be a 'Pinko' cyclist in anti-mayor Ford's Toronto

Respect for taxpayers? There was nothing resembling 'respect' emanating from City Hall today, that's for sure. I did hear many shrieks of shame and buyers' remorse from ordinary Torontonians.

Said national embarrassment Don Cherry while introducing anti-mayor Ford today: "I’m wearing pinko for all the pinkos out there that ride bicycles and everything...Put that in your pipes you left-wing kooks."

Talk about a great beginning to the four-year gong show that will be anti-mayor Ford's reign of error. Great job, Don!

I rode on my bicycle for 6.6 kms to work today in below freezing weather. I'm more of a man than Rob Ford and Don Cherry (in their cozy limousines, no doubt) will ever be. Stick that in your pipe, you fascist kooks!

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Brian said...

Rob Ford on a bicycle, Is it even possible?