Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Real, Ugly, Un-statesmanlike Stephen Harper

If you haven't seen this video of Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaking privately to Sault Ste Marie Conservatives, I suggest you do, if only to get a rare and authentic glimpse into the chameleon who is currently controlling Canada's government.

As this video makes clear, Harper is still the rabidly right-wing ideologue he's been his entire life. He hasn't had the power in Parliament to ram through his true Reform Party agenda because our voting system, as archaic as it is, has to date denied him a majority.

Harper now wants a majority so he can shut down gun control in this country. He now wants a majority so he can put the screws to the opposition and, as Harper puts it, their "little coalition."

Harper is petty, bitter and possesses base, divisive instincts that are unsuitable for governing a country as diverse as Canada. He continues to demonize those who share different views than he, including those he calls "socialists" and "separatists." He's more than happy to demonize every Quebecer who's voted for the Bloc Quebecois in order to win votes elsewhere in the country. This is the same Stephen Harper who, unchecked by his advisers, right in the middle of a recession, proposed to declare war on the opposition just weeks after Canadians confirmed another Harper minority.

Harper says he won't work with the opposition, despite the repeated wishes of Canadians as expressed in the 2006 and 2008 elections. Harper is not Prime Minister material, never was and never will be. If he's unwilling to work with the opposition, he needs to be replaced outright as soon as possible. I have every belief that Michael Ignatieff would make a better Prime Minister in virtually all ways, with either a minority or a majority.

Regardless, it's time to remove this petty, ugly, bitter Harper from office!


A Eliz. said...

Harper is so full of lies, he reminds me of one those ridiculous Republicans, who, when Obama was giving his Health Care speech,,told Obama to shut up. They lie and cheat about Health Care, ......and Harper sounds just like them.... vindictive, to the point of insanity.

Backseat Blogger said...

oh pleeeuuuuuuuzz.

what a load of utter drivel. harper doesn't deserve this harper doesn't deserve that.

only unthinking blind partisan koolaid drinkers think that.

the only thing i heard was that harper wants a majority. what a shocker!

and this qualifies as news? what politician in their right mind wouldn't want a parliamentary majority?

as for the rest of your drivel... get over yourself.. the Tories are hardly evil incarnate whatever your opinions.

Mark from Slap said...

Very well said, Matt!

Matt Guerin said...

Hey Backseat, I agree no leader out there doesn't want a majority. I'm appealing to the moderate mainstream out there who doesn't fall into Harper's scary base (the kind who got turned on by this speech).

Harper is a control freak with a nasty side that enjoys attacking anyone that dares not support him. I think we've seen enough from Harper to know how much he wishes he could destroy his opposition, not just defeat them. Certainly he can't work with them, he's the freak bully from elementary school who tossed his toys at the other kids and ran home to cry to mamma and never got over it.

This guy needs a majority? Never, never, never!

12 hour pills said...

Not knowing too much about Canadian politics, the things he says all sound like nonsense anyway.