Thursday, September 17, 2009

Liberals easily win St. Paul's byelection...

All the biased pro-Conservative stuff masquerading as news from the Toronto Sun in favour of Sue-Ann Levy in recent weeks has been a bust. In the end, Liberal Dr. Eric Hoskins (pictured) won today's St. Paul's provincial byelection with about the same percentage of vote won by his predecessor Michael Bryant in 2007. In fact, Levy has barely increased her party's support in the riding from the 26% it got in 2007.

Final results are here.

Still I respect Levy for making a go of it. There aren't many lesbian Tories as we know, so I hope she remains active in her party, if nothing else than to encourage it not to stray too far to the socially conservative right. I do fear that this failure to make any gains in the 416-area code might inspire Tory leader Tim Hudak to retreat back to a divide-and-conquer, rural versus Toronto strategy aka Mike Harris.

All of that talk of a grassroots revolt by voters against the proposed Harmonized Sales Tax was just that. Voters just aren't incensed about the proposal, I guess. Or maybe Hoskins' big win tonight is simply due to his own strength as a candidate and campaigner.

Regardless, the people seem pretty happy right now with the Grits at Queen's Park. Congrats to all of my former colleagues on this great win and congrats to Dr. Hoskins as well!

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