Tuesday, September 8, 2009

George Smitherman for Mayor of Toronto!

I'll be hoping that George Smitherman makes a run for Mayor of Toronto in 2010.

David Miller's performance in his second term as Toronto mayor has been largely unforgiveable. The damned land transfer tax imposed by Miller and his cronies continues to annoy me, especially since we know waste continues at City Hall. (I truly hope Smitherman promises to do away with the tax.)

But I'm sure most will agree that this summer's fiasco of a strike was the last straw. If Miller had meant to capitulate the entire time and allow existing municipal employees to keep their banked sick days, why did he let the strike go ahead and drag on for six weeks? Complete and total mismanagement on his part. The city still stinks!

Like many Torontonians, Miller has lost of my confidence and I hope to be able to put my 'X' next to George Smitherman next November. Please, George, make it happen!


Jay said...

Yeah, Miller was a bust who cost me my job. During the strike I was told budget cuts would obviously be coming afterwards and that my job was gone as of december. I had to move on. So screw Miller this time. I definitely would vote for Smitherman. Bt never would for John Tory. I fail to see what use he'd be, he's failed at every position of leadership. I'd be almost frightened of faith based daycare.

Unknown said...

Please put your sexual identities aside for just a minute and vote for the best candidate. Please let John Tory have a whack at fixing the mess that numbnuts Miller created.

Matt Guerin said...

John Tory's leadership skills outside the boardroom are quite wanting. His stint at Ontario PC leader hurt his reputation severely. He seemed unable to make decisions for long periods of time, followed by one big dumb decision re: private schools. So I don't trust his political judgment.

Captn Ken said...

With George's stamina for hard work and his insightful desire to make things work well and better for us all; what more could we ask for? His is tennacious, smart, considerate of real needs, and one brave enough to face the mirror and see who it really is. A Mayor has more headaches than any other public office; the buck does stop on the Mayor's desk; I have every confidence he can and will do more to make the City move forward in ways that are smarter than we have seen in the past. My Vote is with George.
Dr. Kenneth R. Craigie