Thursday, July 9, 2009

Three day story: Gotta love it!

Well it appears kowtowing to the social conservative dinosaurs in your caucus and movement doesn't win you rewards among Canada's moderate and fair-minded mainstream. I take great joy in the fact that the mainstream media has taken up the story of Tourism Minister Diane Ablonczy's demotion over funding Pride Toronto and run with it. It seems no one believes the official Tory spin on this.

Some of today's great reads include Kady O'Malley, Lyn Cockburn, even Don Martin, who laments how poorly Ablonczy continues to be treated in Ottawa (I quite agree, I rather liked Ablonczy before this controversy, and I like her even more now.)

Even the Toronto Star's editorial board, never my favourite group of journalists, does well today with this piece.

And this is why I continue to be proud to be a gay Liberal. Thanks, Dalton.

I yearn for the day when someone intelligent, worldly, fair-minded, measured and thoughtful, like say Michael Ignatieff, takes over the PMO in Ottawa and relieves us of Stephen Harper's small-minded, mean-spirited interim prime minister-ship. That day may come sooner than we think.

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Unknown said...

And a fourth day thanks to Trost again!

Here are some interesting samples from the article.

""My goal is not to criticize Diane, and that's what people are trying to make the story of," he said. "Diane has done a good job as a minister and I didn't want to continue to add to the whole concept of criticizing Diane that was being implied.""

"The MP said he hasn't reviewed all of the Canadian events that have received funding through MTEP, but so far Toronto Pride Week appears to be the only one he thinks should not have received federal dollars."

"After the interview was over, Trost accused the StarPhoenix reporter of "ambushing" him with questions about the issue and pressed the stop button on her voice recorder."