Sunday, March 1, 2009

Should we let the Tories pull this crap again?

Predictably, it's started again. It's funny how Stephen Harper's backbench hounds can be counted on to attack on cue, as they have been doing recently in the House of Commons.

But now the Harper-crites are getting creative again with new ads set to attack the character of Michael Ignatieff. Like they were with Stephane Dion, the Tories seem ready to misconstrue any utterance by Ignatieff and distort his life story in order to make themselves look better by comparison.

I say the smart people in Ignatieff's office should be working on similar ads that highlight every extremist thing that Harper has ever said and done. It won't be too hard as Harper was still saying the strangest things as late as 2005. (I'm really glad that Iggy's got Warren Kinsella on his team this time, as Kinsella is the master at this sort of thing.)

Either that, or the Grits could create a set of ads that depict Harper as a demonic bully, who failed to see the oncoming recession despite all the obvious signs, and even when it became apparent the public wanted politicians to work together to help the economy, all Harper could think to do is launch another hyper-partisan attack in last fall's economic statement. Harper is unfit for the highest office in the land.

My only question will be: Will the mainstream media swallow the anti-Iggy ads as new gospel, but reject such anti-Harper ads as recycled and ineffective? "We've heard all these attacks on Harper before, what's new?" people like Jane Taber will for sure ask (as she later opines a-la-Mike Duffy on how amazingly effective Tory messaging has become.) The mainstream media bought the message in those Tory attacks on Stephane Dion hook, line and sinker. Dion's mistake was not acting in a way that greatly contradicted the insinuations.

If the Tories plan to roll out these ads in the summer, the Liberals should bring this government down and force an election well before then and let the people decide who's the better leader for Canada, not the spinmeisters with the most money to spend pre-writ. Bring them down, bring them down, bring them down!


A Eliz. said...

There is plenty that Harper said about Canada that is shameful, not in a book but all he said about us while in the NCC, and Alliance. Enough to sink him, I hope.

leftdog said...

But Lizt .. you have to take it to the people because the MSM simply will not.

Another thing that Harper should be called out on is his fundamentalist christian beliefs. It is well known that he is a Member of the Missionary and Christian Alliance Church which teaches that the Earth and the Universe is only about 6000 to 8000 years old. They literally believe in every word of the Bible including the fact that dinosars were on Noah's Ark.

Since Harper is a member of this church, he obviously believes in this nonsense. It is time that he were asked. I NEED to know if my Prime Ministe BELIEVES that Armageddon is inevitable and that the Earth is only a 8000 years old!

I think a lot of Canadians would be shocked if they knew about Harper's beliefs!

Unknown said...

"Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely".