Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama signs U.N. declaration; more backlash against Cryer appointment...

The Obama administration will endorse a United Nations declaration calling for the worldwide decriminalization of homosexuality. This corrects yet another bad move by former President George W. Bush, who refused to sign in December, fearing it might make American bigots who love to hate queers (who were a substantial part of his base, let's not forget) look bad.

As Queerty points out, the declaration is non-binding and mostly symbolic. But it's a good gesture nonetheless in the international fight against anti-gay bigotry.

On another note, there has been some decent pushback against Immigration Minister Jason Kenney's appointment of Doug Cryer to Canada's refugee board. Many are questioning how someone who is so opposed to homosexuality could give gays trying to escape persecution a fair hearing. I don't trust Cryer to be fair. This appointment fails the smell test and will be seen by many as yet another indication that the Harper-crites can't be trusted to protect equality rights.

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