Sunday, March 1, 2009

The banality of Michael Coren...

Ugh, what an arrogant prick Michael Coren truly is. He sees what he wants to see and it rarely has much to do with reality.

Coren mentions two supposed attacks on religion that took place during last weekend's Oscars in this satirical diatribe. I don't recall any attacks on religion last weekend, except perhaps the reference by Sean Penn during his speech to those hate mongers outside who brandished signs reading "Heath Ledger is in hell!"

I guess bigots who make signs like that are wonderful in Coren's books.

But check out this clip of his show opening last Monday on Youtube. Coren attacks Heath Ledger for accidentally overdosing on prescription drugs last year (Coren mistakenly comments that he died using illegal drugs) and mocks the Academy for paying tribute to Ledger's brilliant and disturbing work in The Dark Knight. In doing so, Coren only reveals his own banality.

He also mocks some nameless winner who thanked God even though he doesn't believe in him. Not sure who he meant, but Milk writer Dustin Lance Black thanked God for giving us Harvey Milk. Perhaps Coren meant to attack Black? Why not? Black is an openly gay man who was raised a Mormon who wrote a script about a gay political hero. So of course, in Coren's mind, he must be an evil atheist who deserves the kind of disrespect that Coren so frequently complains is directed towards him (and other religious bigots like him.)

For Michael Coren, there is only one God: his God. Everyone else's is fake, I guess.

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Red Tory said...

What an arrogant prick Michael Coren truly is.

In other news, the sky is blue and the ocean deep.