Sunday, December 7, 2008

This Ignatieff supporter wants an open, party-wide vote for leader...

There are many interesting stories percolating tonight about the Liberal leadership. I'd be sad to see Dominic LeBlanc drop out of the race, but I do support the apparent plans to accelerate the process so that we have a permanent leader in charge as soon as possible. I also hope that leader turns out to be Michael Ignatieff.

I'm relieved to read in this Star piece that the party is considering giving "every party member a vote by a combination of phone and online ballots," presumably in a major vote in January following a televised debate or two between the remaining candidates. That would be excellent and clearly is the way to go. All 308 ridings should have equal clout in such a vote so that the result is as fair and as accurate a portrait of grassroots support as possible.

Any talk of appointing the leader based simply on the votes of MPs and senators would be illegitimate and damage that leader's credibility going forward. If the Ignatieff camp is pushing that, my advice is to stop doing so immediately.


I'm dead set against this talk of a caucus-only vote. I'll be thoroughly disappointed if Michael Ignatieff agrees to this.


The Pontificator said...

rumour has it your candidate has been lobbying MPs and Senators himself. The real democrats among them don't like it any more than you do (would).

I guess that's the candidate embarassing himself, then.

A Eliz. said...

Now, if that is not aa good reason for members to get really mad,, no one should rely on votes from the caucus and Senate. The members only come to a total of 77, so that does not repesent the country. Members should be asked by phone or internet. I heard that Ignatieff likes the caucus vote better..I do not, and would hope he didn't. Remeber how Martin was elected? We do not need another coronation

Matt Guerin said...

I hope Michael is a democrat. It would be very disappointing if he becomes leader like that...It would be an error of immense proportions and finish off his leadership tenure before it's even begun...

hannah arendt said...


One member one vote great idea for later!

Right now in the battle of the duelling 60year olds we don't have a minute to waste.

Party reform yes! for next time. But lets not have Bob Rae steal and co-opt this important issue. Anyone who knows him, knows he more elitest than MI and that is saying something.Hannah Arendt