Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Coalition would bring stability to Canada; continued Harper minority will bring instability...

We now know the opposition parties want to defeat the government. We also don't need another election.

It's clear that if the Harper government is defeated on Monday and the coalition takes power, we'll know where we stand on government policy to fight the recession by Christmas. If Harper prorogues tomorrow and shuts down Parliament until the end of January, we'll have almost two more months of political uncertainty, followed by a likely Harper defeat on his budget.

If the Governor General agrees to Harper's request to prorogue tomorrow, she'll be seen as abetting in Harper's attempt to hide from parliamentary accountability. I hope the Governor General makes the right decision...


Shawn M. said...

Hello! I stumbled upon your blog whilst perusing, and think you've managed to (rather succinctly) cut right to the chase of this matter.

Even leaving all partisan considerations and personal feelings aside (a difficult task, considering how obstinate Mr. Harper is being -- while also exploiting old fears and divisions across this nation for personal gain, but I digress), there is no question that the Governor-General is left with an obvious choice: to prorogue Parliament, paralysing our nation for two months until January, wherein we'll meet and be stuck in exactly the same spot), or to allow a coalition to form and enact their planned changes that they've made quite clear. I would like to think that the appropriate course of action is obvious, but then, I'm not exactly holding my breath.

All I know is that if prorogation is permitted, I'll be on the Hill with many others in protest.

sb said...

I concur, however I believe we have to get rid of all current Party Leaders, they are all so distasteful and we Canadians have to recruit other, younger brighter politicians and fill the Cabinet with the most logical from across party lines to fill their shoes and create a new approach as to how we select our Political Leaders and they must win, with 53% of the vote to be elected as Prime Minister

Mark Greenan said...

Nice post Matt. I just got back from the Hill rally. Liberal caucus attendance left something to desire. I hope you're pressuring all the Liberal MPs you know.

And I want to add how disappointed I am in Mme. Jean. It seems to me like the constitutional logic she used today is the same as the majority did in Bush v. Gore.

As the late great Eugene Forsey said:

"A dissolution very manifestly should not be granted when its effect is to avoid a vote of censure.... To demand such a right is not to plead for responsible government; it is to plead for irresponsible government; to demand such a right is not to uphold our parliamentary institutions; it is really to stifle those institutions; to demand such a right is not to plead the cause of parliament; it is in effect to choke and strangle and prevent parliament from expressing its will...."