Monday, November 10, 2008

New poll: Who should be the next leader of the Liberal Party of Canada?

As the Liberal leadership race starts to heat up, I thought I'd start a new poll on the subject. I've listed the declared and likely/possible candidates on the right of this page (in the order of strength, as far as I can tell), leaving out some names that have been mentioned but have, in my opinion, little hope of garnering much support. I'll keep the poll up for the foreseeable future to gauge support for each candidate.

Please expect a declaration of support from me for one candidate in the coming days or weeks.

On another unrelated note, the issue of Proposition 8 in California continues to stir emotions. It's nice to see various "churches" facing the consequences of their promotion of discrimination in law. If any other group of citizens in the U.S. had seen their duly-gained rights voted away by an ignorant, religious majority, there'd be considerable violence in the streets. Kudos to the protesters for keeping it civil. And God bless Arnold Schwarzenegger.


After less than 12 hours of voting in the poll on the right, it seems I greatly underestimated support for Gerard Kennedy, at least among my own visitors. Could it be that Mr. Kennedy has a great deal of strength among Liberal grassroots despite his Dion kingmaker status, plus his strange disappearing act following the 2006 leadership convention? We'll have to see.


Militant Dipper said...

I voted for Kennedy but only because you didn't have my first choice, anyone but Iggy. On your second point I expect prop 8 to be overturned. If not, how pathetic that for the first time ever the California constitution would be ammended to take away rights.

Matt Guerin said...

Thanks for the comment and the vote, militantliberal. It's interesting that you're anyone but iggy, yet you didn't vote for Bob Rae, presumed by many to be Ignatieff's strongest challenger. We'll see if Kennedy even runs this time, yet judging from early voting here he does have some support.

As for Prop 8, I couldn't agree with you more.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the information Matt!
I need it for my project. Thx!!