Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's that time of year again: Canadian Blog Awards

Okay please forgive me for some shameless plugging. The Canadian Blog Awards are on again this year and once again this site is one of many sites vying for a possible finalist position in the Best GLBT blog category. Round One voting takes place from today until Nov 29, after which five lucky sites become finalists in Round Two (which ends Dec 7th.)

I was thrilled to make the top five last year and would be thrilled again to make it this year. So if you're feeling supportive, feel free to scoot on over to the Blog Awards site and give me a vote. Thanks to everyone for reading!


Simon said...

No I don't forgive you you shameless slut #&#@$% !!!!
I want you to know I used your handy link to go over there and vote for MYSELF.
Oh sure you deserve it more than I do.
Good luck brother... :)

Matt Guerin said...

lol!!! Good luck too, brother... :)

Jim Parrett said...

Rock on borther