Friday, November 28, 2008

Harper's sadistic tendencies blow up in his face...

Just when you thought things were getting tranquil in Ottawa, Stephen Harper reminds us how hyper-partisan and devious he can be in the face of an economic crisis, even sadistic in his attacks on his opponents.

Now the government has capitulated this morning, withdrawing its proposal to bankrupt the opposition parties and undermine Canadian democracy from its economic statement.

What a blunder! This party-financing announcement yesterday was a smokescreen to divert focus away from the government's bad math and weak projections. As a strategy, it blew up in Harper's face as the opposition suddenly united and began serious talks about ousting the government outright and forming a coalition. At best, this incident reminds the 62% of Canadians who don't support Harper why their disdain for him remains justified. This bully is a creep and he ain't changing anytime soon.

Now what? After so much bad blood and the opposition still incensed, will they turn around and allow this economic statement sans opposition bankruptcy to pass? We'll see.


The Grits, NDP and Bloc still seem intent on bringing the government down and negotiations continue. Meanwhile, Harper is pushing off any non-confidence votes as far away into the future as possible.

You reap what you sow, Stevie. You've failed to win a majority government on two occasions, yet you refuse to accept the fact that parties representing over 60% of Canadian voters have any say in the government's program or who governs Canada? You've signalled zero interest in listening to those parties (and to the Canadians who voted for them) on how to react to the ongoing economic recession. Furthermore, you've declared that your main priority at this time is to undermine Canadian democracy by trying to bankrupt your competition.

Leaders in minority governments are supposed to find common ground and win the confidence of the House. Harper has shown zero interest in doing so, in fact quite the opposite. Furthermore, his tricky fiscal update betrays a government intent on hiding the truth of the country's finances from the public. He is the wrong leader for the times. It's time for him to go.


tdwebste said...

Harper is a radical conservative. Which leaves him helpless to fascist influences. Harper's handling of democracy feels like the early rise of fascism.

Sadly a lot more people support Fascism and the hateful propaganda on which it is based than we like to admit.

Fascism is corruption based on lies which start out as half truths and grow into deceit necessary to the gain and maintain power to protect against mythical enemies both within and outside the state. Worst still concentrated conservative media feels a patriotic duty to protect the naive public. Lies are not exposed but added on to, until fascism is embraced and suppresses resisters as internal enemies.

Removing campaign funding combined with Harper's abuse of election spending rules will destroy the ability of political parties to compete fairly. And destroy our democracy and replace it with a system buying votes. Sensible political interests which attract the majority of common people will not win, but rather political interest which make the rich richer will win. If anything the current system does not reward sensible political interests which attract the majority of common people enough.

This is a path to economic and political corruption and national destruction.

HOW MUCH has the private sale of the 407 cost the public through increased travel cost either directly or over crowding the 401?

The 407 was sold and is the gift that keeps giving. This corporate monopoly generates the kind of money that can buy a lot more advertising then families trying to make ends meet. But it cost us all and makes us less economically efficient.

Chippy said...

Well I must say I was very entertained while reading your blog. I haven't had a good laugh like that in a long time. First of all I think it was stupid for Harper to remove his idea to remove public funding foor federal parties. I think that is a great idea and should have been left in. Second I do not see why these "United Parties" think they can ignore the decision the canadians made a little over a month ago. The Canadian people voted in a Conservative government. The liberal Party had it's worst results since the 1800's. I guess they are just sore losers. And finally i do not see how these three parties would ever stay "united." The Bloc want to destroy the country and heaven forbid anyone say that the Liberals and NDP are the same prior to this. If I were to say that Liberal and NDP principles were basically the same 2 months ago I would have been lynched. (especially at the school I go to) The Bottom line is that These three parties are mad they lost and are power hungry and they have found a way to get rid of the government that they hate so much. But they have forgotten one very important thing, and that is the Canadian people. The Canadian people voted for who they wanted to and they are not just going to sit back and let their government be decided for them.