Sunday, June 8, 2008

Stephen Harper is Big Oil's Bitch...

...or is it the other way around: Big Oil is now Stephen Harper's Bitch?

One thing is certain: Stephen Harper's Conservative Party has decided to make Big Oil's gouging, polluting pockets deeper and richer with their latest round of attack ads, now featured on gas pumps in parts of Ontario. From the masters of misinformation and manipulation, we can hardly be surprised by this latest preemptive attack.

I hope the Liberal Party brass in Ottawa react better to this latest attack and don't let the Harper-crites succeed in defining Stephane Dion's proposal as they did Dion's leadership last year.

I agree with Far and Wide about Lorrie Goldstein's column in today's Sun.

Goldstein writes: "The campaign, designed to reach ordinary voters directly while bypassing media and academic elites, reveals Conservative thinking. Clearly, they're worried Dion's carbon tax, whenever he releases it, could appeal to voters concerned about global warming, particularly if the Liberal announcement is backed by environmentalists, economists and business groups stressing it will be effective and "revenue neutral," a claim the Tories mock. You don't put this much effort into attacking someone you don't think is a threat. Finally, the Conservatives haven't been good at explaining their own plans to combat global warming. Simply mocking Dion without credibly explaining what they'd do instead, could be their Achilles heel."

The Tories' campaign against Dion's leadership last year worked because they had an alternative to offer Canadians: their own leadership. But as we know, the Tories are offering nothing but bigger profits for Big Oil and a deteriorating environment for future generations. That's hardly an alternative that Canadians will embrace in the long-term.

Dion's on the side of the angels on this one. He and his team need to be as aggressive as possible in pushing and framing their climate change plan as soon as possible.


A Eliz. said...

The Harper gang is trying not to have a Conservative Environmental plan..they want to download everything to the Provinces, so the Feds do not have to pay for one..a scheme to take Canada apart. That is one mean way, to say all that, about Dion..they are complete bastards, and if they get a majority. God help us. They are like 4 year olds sometime.
Perhaps Dion should forget his carbon plan now and hope for the price of gas to go down, and talk about health , the economy. etc.

Matt Guerin said...

It is risky. Or perhaps Dion's plan should exempt gasoline during times of high gas prices, show some willingness to accept political reality. One could already say high gas prices (and the higher tax revenue they already generate) is disincentive enough.