Friday, December 7, 2007

No better than any other party: NDP's junkyard dog tactics

Some NDP supporters like to pretend their party is different from other parties, more principled, less sleazy. Those of us who've seen how low the NDP will go know better. They'll even stoop as low to attack an opponent's artistic freedom in order to get a few more votes as they did in the 2001 Beaches by-election in Ontario.

Two incidents this week - NDP MP Irene Mathyssen smearing Tory MP James Moore as well as deputy NDP Leader Libby Davies' public admission regarding their attacks on Abbotsford Liberal candidate David Oliver in 2006 - should remind all that when it comes to playing dirty, these folks don't have anything to learn from Liberals or Tories.

Liberal Ralph Goodale said it best here:

"The NDP have this sanctimonious air that they like to put on ... but the fact of the matter is what they've engaged in here has been a kind of political bottom-feeding."


Jay said...

Get ready for some self-righteous sanctimonious indignation. They do it anonymously.

I have never seen so many anonymous dippers in my life as I have seen in the last 2 days and they are sounding like "tories".

David Oliver-Godric said...

Thanks for this, Matt. Although, I'm getting a little tired of being an also note to the one day Dog and Panties Show. It has been 2 years for us, and we were fired during an election!

David Oliver

Matt Guerin said...

Thanks for the comment, Mr. Oliver. Yes it's too bad how stories blend into each other in the media at times. Congrats on the settlement with the NDP. It's despicable how they treated you. It's great that you've got some justice out of them. I do agree with you that Paul Martin's team should also apologize for its treatment of you. They owed you the chance to defend yourself, at the very least.

berlynn said...

Politics is so clearly ruled by men, isn't it?

Of course we must believe the slimey what's his snoot Conservative, but we cannot believe women, and especially not feminist ones!

Partisan Liberals can't see that this is a women's issue, one that needs to be addressed if we are to get more women elected to Parliament.

Frick you guys and your entitlement to privilege really pi$$ me off!

That computer should have been examined immediately.