Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Dipper who cried "Wolf!"

Ouch, what a blunder. Perhaps this incident will teach NDP MP Irene Mathyssen a needed lesson to look more closely before smearing a colleague. To see the possible unfair damage done to James Moore's reputation, check this out.


S.K. said...

The house of commons is not a high school locker. It is inapproriate conduct in the house.

He needs to grow up and do his job. She's right.

Her comment though should have been to demand he respect the decorum of the house of commons and stp treating it like his teenaged bedroom or his highschool locker.

Jay said...

And I was scared of the social conservatives in the CPC.

Look out for Big Brother/Big Sister NDP. Where you are guilty until proven innocent.

Matt Guerin said...

s.b. you're simply wrong. Did you not read the media reports on this, Moore was innocent and now Mathyssen has been rightly attacked for her overreaction?

Moore was looking at vacation pics of his dog, one shot had his girlfriend in her bikini (people on vacation usually can be photographed in their swim suits.)
It was during a late night debate when the house was nearly empty.

Mathyssen clearly can't see straight. She glances one pic and her sensibilities are offended. She stands up in the Commons the next day and accuses him of looking at soft porn. Repeats the ridiculous and false allegations outside the House. Then we find out what pics he was actually looking at and she apologizes.