Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Spooky Day hurting the Harper government

For the latest bit of proof of this, check out yesterday's Toronto Star editorial. I couldn't agree more.

Stockwell Day's initial reaction to the tragic death last week of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski was to lecture Canadians for not being as outraged over impaired driving deaths (as if we aren't). It was a typical Day/neo-con extremist response. If the victim isn't someone most neo-cons can relate to, it's not that important and the issue can be skirted and minimized.

Every time Day opens his mouth and the super 'Public Safety Minister' appears below him on the news or in Parliament, a chill goes down my spine. I'll never forget how much of a wacko leader he turned out to be. I don't think most moderate Canadians will forget that either. The fact Day continues to hold such power in the Harper government scares the crap out of me. We know he's got a huge following in the Conservative Party's grassroots and among the extremist Christian community in Canada (all one per cent of them.) That's why Harper keeps him in place and seems to give him more free rein to make dumb public comments like this. It sure does keep those extremist Christian dollars flowing into Conservative Party coffers.

As I've said before, Day is a nutbar and most mainstream Canadians know it. He often seems to be holding back, frequently on the cusp of saying what's really on his mind. These boys can never be trusted with anything close to a majority.

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