Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ruszkowski / Quasi-police state? / Barack Obama is the best

I'm glad that Stephane Dion has made some changes in his office staff, notably the hiring of Nicolas Ruszkowksi as his Director of Communications.

National leadership is not something one can prepare for ahead of time. It's an on-the-job-learning experience, and it seems that Dion, true to character, is learning fast. A shaky, but not disastrous first few months will now give way to a more credible and inspiring alternative to the current jokers now occupying the government benches in Ottawa.

Speaking of the Harper Tories, who knew we were now living in a quasi-police state? This incident once again gives further proof of how much of an autocratic asshole Stephen Harper really is. "This'll shut them up," I'm sure he was thinking. Are the police taking direct orders from the PMO? Who's next on the intimidation list?

The civil servant in question has spoken out today against the government's tactics. Good for him.

Also on the subject of right-wing assholes, if we needed more evidence of the evils of Rush Limbaugh, look no further.

This kind of thing will likely help Barack Obama in the long run. I'd love to see Obama win the nomination and the presidency. He is the best antidote to the Bush & Cheney years.

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